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Andrew Ullman

Mid-Atlantic Studio Mechanics and Broadcast Technicians

Local Number: 487 Officer(s): DAVID O'FERRALL - BUSINESS AGENT [email protected] CAROL EVERSON - CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Address: 2031 CLIPPER PARK ROAD, SUITE 105 BALTIMORE, MD 21211 Telephone: 410-685-4141 Fax: 410-843-3863 Email:

Studio Mechanics (GA)

Local Number: 479 Officer(s): MICHAEL W. AKINS - BUSINESS AGENT TERRY MOODY - CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Address: 1000 IRIS DRIVE, SUITE F CONYERS, GA 30094 Telephone: 770-483-0400 Fax: 770-483-0999 Email: [email protected] Website: www.ia

Teamsters (CA)

Ed Duffy [email protected] Business Agent for the Casting Directors and Location Managers Shanda Laurent is assigned to: ABC/Touchstone Drivers, CBS Televison Drivers, Paramount Studios, Sony (Columbia) Drivers, BOCHCO (at Disney), CBS Studio