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Elizabeth Dwyer

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Film Independent

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Mid-Atlantic Studio Mechanics and Broadcast Technicians

Local Number: 487 Officer(s): DAVID O'FERRALL - BUSINESS AGENT [email protected] CAROL EVERSON - CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Address: 2031 CLIPPER PARK ROAD, SUITE 105 BALTIMORE, MD 21211 Telephone: 410-685-4141 Fax: 410-843-3863 Email:

Television and Theater Technicians (CA)

2919 Thorton Ave. Burbank CA, 91504

Project TitleJob TypeDate
Dirty World (The Ramona Flowers)Set DresserApr 2016 - Apr 2016

Dirty World (The Ramona Flowers)

Type:Music Video/Other
Reported to:Brad Johns (Executive Director)
Responsibilities:- On Set Dresser - Dress Sets - Wardrobe Assistant
Production Company:Distiller Records
Studio:Maverick Media Group
Department:Set Decoration
Dusk till DawnDailies Push OpMar 2016 - May 2016

Dusk till Dawn

Type:TV/Series - 1 Hour
Responsibilities:DAILIES PUSH LAB OPERATOR - Collect footage from production unit(s) - Upload onto main hard drives (Shot Put) DaVinci Resolve Workflow - Sync bin (Load Clips and sync Audio) - Adjust Metadata from script reports (Rename per notes) - Create timeline and load CDLs (Load/Import CDLs) - Apply CDL based on Camera - Export Timeline with clips - Create ALE's (ALE/CDL) AVID Workflow - Copy MXF files into AVID Media Files Folder - Drop ALEs into Sync Bin - Relink Media outside of AVID - Drag and drop all original WAV files into sync Bin - AutoSync all clips with original audio - Check Audio Sync, Rename files, place files on timeline for export of timeline for Media Encoder) - Push dailies to Los Angeles through Aspera. ((Dusk till Dawn, Night Shift, Preacher)) - DaVinci Resolve, AVID, Media Encoder, Shot Put, Aspera, LTFS - LTO tapes, DAX for Dailies - Communicate with LA Editorial staff on progress of dailies / reports
Discovery Channel CommercialDriverApr 2016 - Apr 2016

Discovery Channel Commercial

Reported to:Denise Hardy (UPM)
Responsibilities:GMC Commercial - Grady Powell - Driver: 5-ton box truck from Albuquerque to Abiquiu and to locations - Driver: 15 passenger van transportation between sets and other locations - Assist Line Producer - Load and unload trucks and equipment
Production Company:Maslow Media
JusticeOn Set DresserMar 2016 - Apr 2016


Type:Film/Feature Length Film
Reported to:Tabitha Orr (Production Designer/Art Director)
Responsibilities:On Set Dresser / Set Dresser / Props Assistant - Clear six guns pistols with AD's & Actors - Deliver and Assist with wearable props - Organize Gold Room (Set Dressing, Props and Tools) - Purchase set dressing - Paint/Stain set dressing - furniture and other items - Create dust for director using soft sweep motion on dirt
Production Company:Justice Movie
Director:Richard Gabai
Department:Set Decoration
RoseLocation ManagerSep 2016 - Sep 2016


Type:Film/Feature Length Film
Responsibilities:Location Manager Call and connect w/property managers/owners, D.O.T, U.S. Forrest service Acquire and make contracts to pay or unpaid Contact Local and State Police for assistance with lockdowns Set up tables and chairs for catering and extras holding Set up warming tents, Post & Remove signage
Production Company:Rose Film NM
SoldadoLocation AssistantNov 2016 - Jan 2017


Type:Film/Feature Length Film
Reported to:Shani Orona (Location Manager)
Responsibilities:Neighborhood Notifications (door to door and drop off) - Locations "Prep" & "Wrap" Representative at various locations - Work closely with Native American Reps on Indian Reservations - On Set Assistant - Set up/light propane heaters - Pick-up all trash in surrounding and used areas of production - Lock-up traffic during shots when on roads - Clean portable privy - Post & Remove signage
Production Company:Thunder Road Pictures
Cliffs of FreedomSet DresserNov 2016 - Nov 2016

Cliffs of Freedom

Type:Film/Feature Length Film
Responsibilities:Set Dressing (Swing Gang) - Assist Hanging light fixtures - Dress / Prep sets - Load/Unload truck - Load/Unload Gold Room
Production Company:Freedom Films
Department:Set Decoration
Better Call Saul (S2)Office CoordinatorAug 2015 - Nov 2015

Better Call Saul (S2)

Type:TV/Series - 1 Hour
Responsibilities:- Assist in the management of purchases, rentals, leases managed in Department. - Bookkeeping and Office Management - Upload Set Dec Buyers purchases for approval by studio - Organize Set Dec Department Calendar - Petty Cash and P-Cards - Materials Release - Track Artwork for sets - Communicate with vendors - W9, New Vendor Forms, Check Requests, Purchase orders, Loss & Damage - Assist with artwork clearances - Maintain Receipts (Cash / P-Card) - Set Decorator/Assistant Decorator / Buyers /Lead-man / Gang Boss Paid
Production Company:Sony Pictures
Studio:Albuquerque Studios
Department:Set Decoration
Manhattan (S2)Office CoordinatorMar 2015 - Jul 2015

Manhattan (S2)

Type:TV/Series - 1 Hour
Responsibilities:- Assist in the management of purchases, rentals, leases managed in Department. - Bookkeeping and Office Management - Purchases and Rentals - Assist Set Decorator and Buyers with research for purchases - Purchase items online or in store - Organize Set Dec Department Calendar - Petty Cash and P-Cards: Set Decorator/Buyers/Lead-man - Set Dec Continuity Binders - Maintain Artwork and Materials Release - Communicate with vendors - W9, New Vendor Forms - Purchase orders - Loss &/or Damage Reports - Assist with artwork clearances - Designed and Made cardboard 6'x8'x6' tank se dressing - Cut out posters - Adhere posters to chip board - Cardboard Miniature of Stage design of the "Mikado" play stage - Cut out/adhere artwork for cans / bottles / boxes etc - Remove labels from bottles and cans - Put together two pallets of "rations boxes" filled with ballast - Place set dressing on sets - Place signage "Hot Set"
Production Company:Lionsgate
Department:Set Decoration


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