La Migra

Type: Motion Picture — Status: Released
Added: Jul 13th, 2013    Last Modified: Dec 13th, 2013
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Natalie and Diego have a teen-crush on each other. They are playing in the streets along the USA side of the border to Mexico. Diego grew up and followed his Uncle Manny working for the US Border Patrol. His days were filled with rescuing stranded immigrants and tracking down the "Coyotes" that run them across the border. Natalie's family moved away, but she arrives back nearly 10-years later at a family quinceanera party and in a magnificent sports car. Natalie has grown into a beautiful, confident and successful woman, yet Natalie is immediately impressed by this new mature Diego. The seeds of love sown in childhood start to grow within her again. The two begin spending time together and enjoying the each other's company. Over the coming weeks, Diego discovers that Natalie is somehow involved with a wide reaching criminal network. He soon finds his own life in danger as Diego continues his investigation. Natalie and Diego find themselves tied up in a dangerous cat and mouse game that neither can stop, nor escape. A final confrontation on a dusty desert road leaves Natalie and Diego forced to make hard decisions for their relationship, their future and indeed their lives.

Sched Start19 Aug 2013
Release DateDec 13, 2013

Addresses (2)

Production Company
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Angelic Pictures
3089 Clairemont Dr., #511
San Diego, CA 92117
Phone 1: 619-200-2795
Email: [email protected]
Associate Production Company
Love and Death Productions

Phone 1: 760-807-7138
Email: [email protected]

Locations (1)

City State/Province Country Region
San Diego CA USA ---

Crew (15)

Name Job Description
Mark Maine Director
A.J. Audet Producer
Kevin Diamond Producer
Jonathan Harrill Producer
Charlie Jackson Producer
Vida Maine Producer
Mark Maine Screenwriter
Michel Copon Actor
Jossara Jinaro Actor
John Patrick Jordan Actor
Monte Markham Actor
Nikki SooHoo Actor
Sanford Hampton Production Manager
Jack Garrett Cinematographer
Ethan Holzman Editor