Panic - Series

Type: Television — Status: Completed
Added: Jul 2nd, 2018    Last Modified: Jun 4th, 2020


In the small, dilapidated town of Carp, where time moves slow and nothing ever happens, no one makes any plans for the future. Few get out, but those who do are remembered & worshiped. The only thing that matters is the game. It has a large cash prize, but has also taken the lives of many kids who have chosen to play. The older citizens of Carp are desperate to bring the game to an end, but for the youth, it's the only thing they have to life for.

Sched Start21 Oct 2019
Sched WrapMar 16, 2020
NetworkAmazon Prime

Addresses (3)

Production Company
Google Maps
Roth Kirschenbaum Films / Picrow Streaming Inc.
10880 Wilshire Blvd., Suite
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone 1: 310-255-7222
Fax 1: 310-255-7201
Email: [email protected]
Associate Production Company
Glasstown Entertaiment

Phone 1: 347-721-3948
Email: [email protected]
Google Maps
Amazon Studios
1620 26th St. N. Bldg., 4th
Santa Monica, , CA 90404
Phone 1: 310-573-2305
Email: [email protected]

Locations (1)

City State/Province Country Region
Austin TX USA ---

Crew (15)

Name Job Description
Leigh Janiak Director
Lynley Bird Co-Executive Producer
Alyssa Altman Co-Executive Producer
Lauren Oliver Executive Producer
Jeff Kirschenbaum Producer
Lauren Oliver Producer
Joe Roth Producer
Elle Triedman (Showrunner) Producer
Lauren Oliver Screenwriter
Daniel Gay POC - Production Coordinator
Christie Colliopoulos Production Manager
Francesca Mannix Production Supervisor
Kyle Klutz Cinematographer
Kerry Barden Casting Director
Paul Schnee Casting Director