The Stanford Prison Experiment

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Based on an actual experiment conducted at Stanford University in the summer of 1971, when a professor named Phil Zimburdo turned the basement of a psychology building into a mock prison. The randomly chosen subjects were 19- and 20-year-old students who were divided into experimental camps of either prison guards or prisoners. What was to be a two-week experiment was cut short after six days because of the level of cruelty and sadism that erupted among the participants, mainly those playing guards.

Sched Start11 Sep 2014
Release DateJul 17, 2015

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Coup D'etat Films

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Kyle Patrick Alvarez Director
Lauren Bratman Producer
Lizzie Friedman Producer
Brian Geraghty Producer
Greg Little Producer
Brent Emery Producer
Karen Lauder Producer
P.W. Hopsidor Screenwriter
Tim Talbott Screenwriter
Michael Angarano Actor
Nicholas Braun Actor
Billy Crudup Actor
Ezra Miller Actor
Jesse Plemons Actor
Johnny Simmons Actor
Jeremy Allen White Actor
Brian Geraghty Actor
Travis Tope Actor
Jas Shelton Cinematographer
Gary Barbosa Production Designer
Andrew Hewitt Composer
Angela Demo Casting Director
Barbara J. McCarthy Casting Director